I didn’t initially set out to become a nutritionist. Life was moving along as planned when illness forced me to take a serious detour.

Refusing to be locked into a lifetime of endless drug prescriptions, I turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes for alternative solutions. In 6 months I  was on my way to living a completely different life – without the diagnosis, the prescriptions, or the consistent discomfort of my ailments.

I look and feel better than ever!!–not to mention that I frequently get compliments from complete strangers about how I look YEARS younger than I am and I’m on a mission to assist others in transforming their reality through healthier choices – from mind to tummy.

I am a Certified Nutrition Coach who supports busy professionals overcome stress and burnout.

A retired stressed out corporate sales person turned recognized coach and public speaker, my personal mission is to help you live your most inspired life, where you are fully engaged taking care of yourself and making health a priority so that you can live the most amazing life possible.

And yes, you….. there are simple, easy steps to get there!

My clients are happy, healthy and report serious changes in their sleep, stress, weight loss, overall lifestyle patterns, and much more….

Here is a sampling of the types of busy professionals I’ve worked with:

Senior Living Administrators, Executive Editors, Marketing Executives, Book-Writing Consultants, Massage Therapists, Jewelers and many more…!

As a public speaker, I have been involved in the TV series Grey Matters on CCTV, series speaker for Seed Speak’R Salem, Special Speaker for ITakeTheLead and a regular contributor to  KGW Portland Today. nbc_logo



Weight Loss Coaching
Nutritional Coaching
Meal Planning
Clean Living Home Detoxification
Specific Nutritive Counseling for diagnosed conditions
Specializing in gut health, gastro wellness
Public and Inspirational Speaking
Corporate Wellness Facilitator