My clients are my friends. I LOVE helping them achieve their goals!

I can help you achieve yours too!

Read below what some of my clients are say1ing about my programs!

Sophia Treyger, Radical Pleasurist,

Sue Miller, Executive Director, The Village at Keizer Ridge

“In 2014, I had scheduled a bariatric surgery and needed some professional coaching on my weight loss journey to stay healthy and avoid many of the side effects that are a result of the surgery. (Loss of hair, nutrient depletion, lack of energy) I contacted Kimberly, scheduled a session with her and away we went.

Kimberly has been my personal health coach for about 2 years and has guided me with her loving heart all the way to my goal by personally grocery shopping with me, customizing a meal and supplement plan to keep me healthy and vital and gently coaching me to be the best me I can be.

I started with the Detox your Life program, got rid of the “bad” stuff and replaced it with the “good” stuff and by good, I mean great! Kimberly spent years to find the highest quality products available to “swap” out to.

I love working with Kimberly so much that I have referred her to my friends. My family also loves her programs, it makes me happy to know that those I love and care about are getting the Very Best Products …Oh, and I’m also a “Grandma” defying age!”

~Sue M.

sue testimonial


Miranda Abrahams, Development Manager, March of Dimes

“I did the cleanse In April 2016 because I wanted to tone up and cut out unnecessary food in a healthy way. I was feeling tired and dependent on coffee and wanted more energy and muscle. I was a previous college athlete so I have been used to eating whatever I want, plus Portland has the best food!

So I did the program to figure out a good lifestyle for me through what I could cut out in my life and still enjoy it. I felt great by the end! The first week was hard, I’m not going to lie. My caffeine dependence was worse than I imagined and it made me sick for a day but after that I didn’t need coffee to stay awake, didn’t feel slow or groggy. There was a couple times I was craving sweets and was frustrated I couldn’t have them but I managed!

I learned to portion my dairy (makes me feel icky) and the less sweets you have the less you crave them! I have incorporated more veggies and fruits in my life and find myself wanting them for a snack instead of sweets and gluten filled items. I really have cut back on my carb intake but still enjoy myself.

If I find that I need to lean out again this cleanse will be my #1 choice!”

~Miranda A.